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Mobile Data Assurance

Our solution for mobile data is the fastest, most easy-to-use diagnostics, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring tool available.
With accessInsight Data Feeds Export, providers can now quickly and easily integrate JDSU data service assurance information into third-party applications.
The use of data over GPRS, UMTS (3G) and now LTE networks has increased dramatically over the last few years. With Smartphones increasing in popularity and flat rate contracts it is important that network operators find a way to profitably deliver the service their customers expect as they increase use of data services or those customers may go elsewhere for the service.

:: The Challenge ::
Dissatisfied customers cost a lot of money. The rising popularity of iPhones and other Smart phones has led to massive growth and complexity of data traffic. The launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) as the new wireless multi-service technology also intensifies the challenges. Customer support calls are more complex, take longer to resolve, and cost millions in customer care especially when you use your high-paid Tier 2/3 engineers and other resources inefficiently. Only if you can deliver higher first call resolution and more efficient call times can you enjoy the significant advantages in customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and better financial returns.

:: The Solution ::
With the JDSU integrated suite of monitoring and troubleshooting applications including support for LTE you’re not far away from identifying problems. You get unparalleled scalability, reduced problem resolution time by up to 80%, and the ability to re-allocate resources more cost-effectively. Your customers win with high-quality and consistent service; your company wins with substantial savings and more revenue; and your employees win with greater job satisfaction.

:: What Separates JDSU from the Competition ::

[•] The only truly scalable distributed architecture for data networks on the market
[•] Best-in-class, feature rich guided troubleshooting functionality
[•] Intelligent KPI alarming targeted at specific/custom network services
[•] Proven in many of the world’s largest networks

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