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Mobile Voice Assurance

Our industry-leading voice solution is the fastest and most accurate way to ensure a high quality of voice service and to make the transition to VoIP transparent for your customer.
With accessInsight Data Feeds Export, providers can now quickly and easily integrate JDSU mobile voice service assurance information into third-party applications.
Service providers need to ensure that they provide high quality services to their subscribers. It is crucial that classic 2G and 3G services and sessions are protected while transitioning to MSS (Mobile Soft Switch) IP networks.

:: The Challenge ::
A transition to MSS that is less than seamless will heavily impact revenues, OPEX and create unhappy customers. Without monitoring, disruption will result in multiple subscriber-related problems per day, each requiring up to several hours to resolve. Service related problems could go undetected for extended intervals with daily cost per incident running to dollar amounts of six figures.

:: How We Can Help ::
JDSU solutions can support you in the transition from old TDM and circuit switched networks to VoIP and Mobile Soft Switch networks. We understand the importance of ensuring high quality voice services. With our integrated suite of monitoring and troubleshooting tools you can quickly drill down to identify the network problems. Your customers win with high-quality and uninterrupted service. Your company wins with substantial savings and sustained voice revenues.

:: What Separates JDSU from the Competition ::

[•] The only truly scalable distributed architecture for MSS
[•] Best-in-class, feature rich guided troubleshooting functionality
[•] Intelligent KPI alarming targeted at specific/custom network services
[•] Proven in many of the world’s largest networks
[•] We understand the challenges you face and JDSU can help you regain control

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